The Brand

Handmade in New York

Based in the heart of the diamond and jewelry district in NYC. Each piece is hand crafted of solid gold and high grade diamonds.


AYLA is committed to producing the finest quality design while ensuring that each gorgeous piece is accessible.


At AYLA we believe that a piece of jewelry is not just something to make you pretty on the outside, it should light up your soul as well. AYLA designs are intended to remind the wearer just how special they truly are.

The Founder

The Founder, Ahuva Almagor
After over a decade of experience creating designs for the most prestigious retailers around the world, I wanted to create a line of stunning pieces that would also be accessible. I believe everyone should have some jewelry that makes them feel as special as they are. I began AYLA with a few pieces, each accompanied by its own inspirational note, and am proud to have grown it into a full line including bridal, baby and a concierge selection support service.  

AYLA is an acronym for mine and my husband’s names sprinkled with a “L” for the love we found in one another with the backdrop of the diamond world. Love is the driving force behind all we do and create with the AYLA line and I’d love to share some of that with you too.


Ahuva Almagor